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Carlos Chávez, Patricio Meller. 2020. “The book "The big mining region: Chile and Perú" will be presented on December 15th. More…”

9 December 2020 | Books | Chile

Rachael Garrett, Ximena Rueda. 2020. “Garrett R., Rueda X. (2019) Telecoupling and Consumption in Agri-Food Systems. In: Friis C., Nielsen…”

29 February 2020 | Books | Colombia

Rueda, Ximena. 2020. “The Innovation and Sustainability in Base of the Pyramid Markets series comprises four volumes…”

19 May 2020 | Books | Colombia

Rueda, Ximena, Vélez, Maria Alejandra. 2018. “Book: "Gobernanza y gerencia del desarrollo sostenible". Eds: Rodriguez Becerra, M. y Velez, Maria…”

31 May 2019 | Book Chapter, Books | Colombia

Maldonado, Jorge Higinio, Moreno Sanchez, Rocio del Pilar. 2018. “Capítulo II. Transferencias Monetarias Condicionadas, Inclusión Financiera en América Látina y el…”

28 May 2019 | Book Chapter, Books | Colombia

Kabubo-Mariara, Jane. 2016. “This IPBES methodological assessment of scenarios and models of biodiversity and ecosystem services…”

16 January 2017 | Books | Kenya

Köhlin, Gunnar, Salas, Ariana. 2016. “Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity, and we are only starting to address it…”

13 January 2017 | Books | Central America, Global Hub

Mduma, John, Selejio, Onesmo. 2016. “The idea for this book first originated in 2012 when writing a paper for a workshop for the…”

25 October 2016 | Books | Tanzania

Bluffstone, Randall, Robinson, Elizabeth J Z. 2014. “Forest tenure reforms are occurring in many developing countries around the world. These reforms…”

6 October 2014 | Books | Tanzania, South Africa, China, Ethiopia, Kenya

Blackman, Allen, Siikamäki, Juha. 2014. “Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region is exceptionally biodiverse. It contains about half of…”

6 June 2014 | Books |