How the CBAM changes carbon pricing within the EU

It is unusual for a rapporteur to abstain from voting on a resolution that he or she has proposed. This is what Green MEP Yannick Jadot did when the European Parliament voted on the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM). He did so to protest against a last-minute amendment that canceled the removal of the free allowances assigned to some firms in the European Union (EU) Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

10 March 2021 | Air Quality

Relying on the market to fight air pollution

How far should we go to improve air quality? Market instruments inform us about the costs of de-pollution. This information is useful for improving our public policies with regard to health and environmental damage.

29 June 2019

Takeaways from SETI's 2019 Policy Interaction Workshop in Santiago, Chile

The Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative (SETI) is proud to announce a successful fourth annual conference, which occurred on May 15-17, 2019 in Santiago, Chile. The three-day conference kicked off with a policy interaction workshop, featuring various stakeholder perspectives on energy access in Latin America.

1 March 2019

SETI Summer Research: Urban Electrification in Sierra Leone

Brighter Communities, Safer Cities: Summer Scoping

Written By: Kevin Grieco

Edited By: Alicia Oberholzer & Thomas Klug


Urban electrification rates in Sierra Leone are among the lowest in the world, hovering around 11%.  These already low electrification rates plummet towards zero in poor slum areas of the city. One consequence of this urban energy poverty is an absolute lack of nighttime lighting and public streetlights.