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Herbert Ntuli, Aksel Sundström, Martin Sjöstedt, Edwin Muchapondwa, Sverker C. Jagers, Amanda Linell. 2021. “ABSTRACT Although subsistence poaching is a large threat to wildlife conservation in Southern Africa…”

22 February 2021 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa

Mintewab Bezabih, Byela Tibesigwa, Martine Visser. 2021. “Abstract This study assesses the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices in arid Namibia…”

4 February 2021 | EfD Discussion Paper | South Africa

Samson Mukanjari, Edwin Muchapondwa, Eyoual Demeke. 2020. “National park agencies in Africa often lack incentives to maximize revenue, despite the decline in…”

22 January 2021 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa

Edwin Muchapondwa, Obrian Ndhlovu. 2020. “Abstract The paper employs a mixed-methods approach to document and evaluate drivers of climate…”

15 December 2020 | EfD Discussion Paper | South Africa

Rowan P. Clarke, Manuel Barron, Martine Visser. 2020. “Abstract Over a billion people lack access to electricity, instead relying on kerosene and other…”

27 October 2020 | EfD Discussion Paper | South Africa

Lydia Chikumbi . 2020. “Energy prices (for fuel and electricity) and energy price volatility impact wine prices. In the long…”

9 November 2020 | Research Brief | South Africa

Zachary Gitonga. 2020. “Namibia is the driest country in Sub-Saharan Africa and one of the most vulnerable countries to…”

5 November 2020 | Research Brief | South Africa

Joseph Cook, Johanna Brühl, Martine Visser. 2020. “October 2020 When Cape Town, South Africa, experienced a severe drought, the city feared “Day Zero,”…”

2 December 2020 | Research Brief | South Africa

Ebele Amaechina, Róger Madrigal-Ballestero, Bárbara Viguera, Felipe Vasquez Lavin, Carlos A. Saldarriaga, Roberto Ponce, Jackson Otieno, Pham Khanh Nam, Rolando Marín, David Fuente, Anthony Amoah, Nnaemeka Chukwuone, Joseph Cook, Johanna Brühl, Jorge A. Bonilla, Edward Bbaale, Salome Amuakwa-Mensah, Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah, Martine Visser. 2020. “This policy note provides a snapshot of water and sanitation measures implemented by governments in…”

2 November 2020 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya, Central America

Taryn M.Garlock, Frank Asche, Wisdom Akpalu, Ebele Chinelo Amaechina, Nnaemeka Andegbe Chukwuone, Ken Hutchings, Razack Lokina, Byela Tibesigwa, Jane Turpie, Håkan Eggert. 2020. “The Fisheries Performance Indicators is a data collection tool that allows comparable fisheries data…”

29 July 2020 | EfD Discussion Paper | South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Sweden, Uganda, Tanzania