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Xiaojun Yang, Jun Li, Jintao Xu, Yuangyuan Yi. 2020. “This paper examines ethnic differences in fuelwood consumption in rural households, using an…”

13 May 2020 | EfD Discussion Paper | China

Thomas Sterner, Richard T. Carson, Marc Hafstead, Peter Howard, Sverker Carlsson Jagers, Gunnar Köhlin, Ian Parry, Ryan Rafaty, E. Somanatan, Jan Christoph Steckel, Dale Whittington et al.. 2020. “2015 was a special year. During a few months the political stars aligned and made it possible for…”

4 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | India, Colombia, China, Vietnam, Sweden, Central America, Global Hub

Yang, Xiaojun. 2019. “This study examines the effect of long-term resource scarcity on cooperation, measured by both the…”

30 October 2019 | Research Brief | China

Chen, Shuai, Qin, Ping, Tan-Soo, Jie-Sheng, Xu, Jintao. 2019. “*Accepted by Land Economics”

30 October 2019 | Peer Reviewed | China

Xie, Lunyu, Linn, Joshua. 2019. “In this research, we investigate whether urban rail transit expansion improves air quality. We also…”

30 September 2019 | Research Brief | China

Coria, Jessica, Köhlin, Gunnar, Xu, Jintao. 2019. “The high rates of economic activity and environmental degradation in Asia demand the implementation…”

6 September 2019 | Peer Reviewed | China, Sweden, Global Hub

Tan-Soo, Jie-Sheng, Zhang, Xiaobing, Qin, Ping, Xie, Lunyu. 2019. “In this study, we show that changes in electricity prices in China have significant environmental…”

17 July 2019 | Peer Reviewed | China

Li, Yating, Zhang, Xiaobing, Qin, Ping. 2019. “As the residential sector is becoming increasingly important in the total energy consumption and…”

15 June 2019 | Peer Reviewed | China

Wei, Chu. 2019. “It is widely accepted that energy use contributes to climate change, but, in turn, climate change…”

14 June 2019 | EfD Discussion Paper | China

Qin, Ping, Zhang, Xiaobing, Xie, Lunyu. 2019. “There is an ongoing reform in coal taxation in China, from a quantity-based to a pricebased​…”

13 June 2019 | EfD Discussion Paper | China