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Åsa Löfgren, Dallas Burtraw, Amelia Keyes . 2020. “In this policy brief, we offer an introduction to the family of policy instruments known as…”

11 May 2020 | Policy Brief | Sweden, Global Hub

Stuart, J, Black, A.. 2020. “The Cape Town ICT sector is a globalised and leading services sector within Africa. Many firms in…”

18 March 2021 | Policy Brief | South Africa

Mr. Peter Babyenda. 2020. “Executive Summary Uganda is endowed with a number of natural resources ranging from minerals, oil…”

2 July 2020 | Policy Brief | Uganda

Dr. Nickolas Kilimani. 2019. “Key findings While commercialisation has contributed towards increasing agricultural income, its…”

2 July 2020 | Policy Brief | Uganda

Balasubramanian, Pooja, Ibanez, Marcela, Khan, Sarah, Sahoo, Soham. 2019. “The persisting inequalities women face while entering the labor market, make female economic…”

2 March 2020 | Policy Brief | Colombia

John, Innocensia, Lokina, Razack, Egelyng, Henrik. 2019. “The Tanzanian component of the VALOR Project (2014-2018) studied quality factors, traits and…”

31 October 2019 | Policy Brief | Tanzania

Barnes, J., Black, A., Monaco, L.. 2018. “The signing in March 2018 of the agreement to establish an African Continental Free Trade Area…”

18 March 2021 | Policy Brief | South Africa

Barnes, J., Black, A., Monaco, L. . 2018. “The production of the thousands of components which make up a vehicle comprise the heart of the…”

18 March 2021 | Policy Brief | South Africa

2018. “En Centroamérica, el sector agrícola es indispensable para el desarrollo económico, el alivio de la…”

27 March 2019 | Policy Brief | Central America

Mercado, Leida. 2017. “Este documento resume los principales hallazgos de un estudio orientado a determinar cuán…”

18 April 2018 | Policy Brief | Central America