Capturing Lessons for Sustainable Tourism Planning and Research: A Systematic Literature Review

Submitted by Stephanie Scott on 21 July 2020
EfD Authors:

Although sustainable tourism represents a positive approach for community development, its practical implementation is challenging. Given that there is no one institutional recipe that fits all cases, it is necessary to cumulate knowledge from lessons from isolated cases where a combination of institutional arrangements and context-specific characteristics showed to be - or not - successful for tourism management.


Distributional Statistics of Municipal Water Use During Cape Town’s Drought: Implications for Affordability, Conservation and Tariff Design 20-23

Submitted by Eugenia Leon on 7 July 2020

We calculate the first distributional statistics for municipal water supply deliveries using 14.9 million monthly billing records for a half-million households in Cape Town, South Africa, from 2014-2018. These years span a historic drought and a multi-faceted package of conservation programs that achieved a 50% city-wide drop in consumption. We find that the top 10% of households consumed 31% of water deliveries before the drought, with the Gini coefficient

Conservation, Water