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Dawit Woubishet Mulatu. 2020. “An increasing degree of attention is being given to pollination ecosystem service. It has become a…”

1 September 2020 | Book Chapter | Ethiopia

F. Bourguignon. 2020. “The book discusses the foundations of economics development and institutions. The chapters touch on…”

1 May 2020 | Book Chapter | India

Phu Nguyen-van, Thi Kim Cuong Pham. 2019. “The impact of economic activity on the environment is considered an external effect when it is not…”

1 May 2020 | Book Chapter | Vietnam

Ola Flaaten, Thi Thanh Thuy Pham. 2019. “Resource rent in aquaculture (RRA) is any payment to a farm and site owner, on land or sea, in…”

1 May 2020 | Book Chapter | Vietnam

Mwai, Daniel. 2019. “Kahn, Mwai, Kazi, and Marseille explain how economics brings together estimates of disease burden…”

12 March 2020 | Book Chapter | Kenya

Mwai, Daniel. 2019. “Maina and Mwai describe the policy utility of National Health Accounts (NHA) tool for tracking…”

12 March 2020 | Book Chapter | Kenya

Cárdenas, Juan Camilo. 2019. “In S. Lele, S. Brondizio, J. Byrne, G. Mace, J. Martinez-Alier (Eds.), Rethinking environmentalism…”

28 February 2020 | Book Chapter | Colombia

Somanathan, E.. 2019. “India’s economy is under threat with rising unemployment, Banks in crisis, falling GDP and farmers’…”

7 June 2019 | Book Chapter | India

Yuly Arboleda, Santiago Arango-Aramburo. 2018. “Yuly Arboleda, Santiago Arango-Aramburo. 2019. Effects of Wholesale Competition in Supply Chains: An…”

2 March 2020 | Book Chapter | Colombia

Rueda, Ximena, Vélez, Maria Alejandra. 2018. “Book: "Gobernanza y gerencia del desarrollo sostenible". Eds: Rodriguez Becerra, M. y Velez, Maria…”

31 May 2019 | Book Chapter, Books | Colombia