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Robalino, Juan, Madrigal, Róger. . “Research Fellows Juan Robalino and Roger Madrigal made an important contribution for the Inter…”

26 September 2008 | Report | Central America

Deininger, Klaus, Alemu, Tekie. . “While early attempts at land titling in Africa were often unsuccessful, factors such as new…”

9 September 2008 | Peer Reviewed | Ethiopia

Whittington, Dale. . “The burden of typhoid fever remains high in impoverished settings, and increasing antibiotic…”

27 August 2008 | Peer Reviewed |

Robalino, Juan, Alpízar, Francisco. . “The authors estimated the deforestation impact of Costa Rica’s pioneering environmental services…”

15 August 2008 | EfD Discussion Paper | Central America

. “When the Stern Review challenged the conventional wisdom and called for strong and immediate action…”

17 July 2008 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

. “Current conservation debates place high emphasis on the need to integrate the views and needs of…”

12 March 2008 | Peer Reviewed | Kenya

. “This brief is a summary of the main outcomes of a forest policy workshop on “Policies to increase…”

24 February 2008 | Policy Brief | Ethiopia

Alpízar, Francisco, Blackman, Allen. . “A promising concept that has received considerable attention, Payment-for-ecosystems- services has…”

19 February 2008 | Report | Central America

Nyangena, Wilfred, Lokina, Razack, Köhlin, Gunnar, Mekonnen, Alemu, Bluffstone, Randall. . “Proceedings of a policy workshop on Policies to increase forest cover in Ethiopia held on 18-19…”

18 February 2008 | Report | Ethiopia, Tanzania, Global Hub

Nyangena, Wilfred. . “In this study we identify the determinants of the participation rural households in the land rental…”

1 January 2008 | Discussion Paper | Kenya