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Bhatt, Tanay Raj, Somanathan, Eswaran, Chowdhury, Vidisha. 2021.

4 February 2021 | Report | Global Hub

"Ipsita Das, Thomas Klug, PP Krishnapriya, Victoria Plutshack, Rajah Saparapa, Stephanie Scott, Erin Sills, Marc Jeuland, Njeri Kara ". 2020.

24 March 2021 | Report, Research Brief |

Anthony Black, Pallavi Roy, Amirah El-Haddad, Kamil Yilmaz. 2020. “This paper examines the political economy of development policy through the prism of four country…”

18 March 2021 | Report | South Africa

Cristian A. Vargas, Rene Garreaud, Ricardo Barra, Felipe Vásquez-Lavin, Gonzalo S. Saldías, Oscar Parra. 2020.

9 June 2020 | Report | Chile

Corbett Grainger, Gunnar Köhlin, Jessica Coria, Dale Whittington, Jintao Xu, Eswaran Somanathan, Reza Daniels, Pham Khanh Nam, Xun Wu, Enamul Haque. 2019. “The Environment Operational Directions 2013–2020 of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) identified…”

18 March 2021 | Report | South Africa

Martine Visser, Johanna Bruhl, Megan McLaren. 2019. “South Africa has been in the grip of one of the worst droughts in decades with eight provinces…”

17 March 2021 | Report | South Africa

Jane Turpie, Gwyneth Letley, Yolanda Ng’oma, Kate Moore. 2019. “In 2015, Malawi became one of Africa’s first countries to impose a ban on plastic bags, following…”

17 March 2021 | Report | South Africa

Ramaswami, Bharat. 2019.

24 March 2021 | Report | India

Martine Visser, Rowan Philip Clarke, Manuel Barron, Rebecca A. Klege, Phillip Okull, Bhavani Shanker Uppari. 2019. “Over 1.3bn people worldwide lack access to modern energy. In Africa alone 600m remain off-grid, 400m…”

17 March 2021 | Report | South Africa

Bharat Ramaswami. 2019. “(i) Structural transformation by which shares of agriculture in income and employment decline is the…”

1 May 2020 | Report | India