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Felipe Zúñiga, Marcela Jaime, César Salazar. 2021. “Small-scale agriculture is one of the fundamental economic sectors in Chile. An increased frequency…”

4 March 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Chile

Rodrigo A. Estévez, Valeria Espinoza, Roberto D. Ponce Oliva, Felipe Vásquez-Lavín, Stefan Gelcich. 2021. “The global increase in renewable energy initiatives has been followed by the need to include the…”

6 April 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Chile

Allison Benson, Jean-Paul Faguet, María del Pilar López-Uribe. 2021.

17 March 2021 | Discussion Paper | Colombia

Anthony Black, Lawrence Edwards, Ruth Gorven, Willard Mapulanga. 2021. “Regional integration in Africa is underway but ongoing progress requires that the gains are widely…”

17 March 2021 | Discussion Paper | South Africa

Chelsea Markowitz, Anthony Black. 2021. “This chapter assesses the prospects of regional value chains (RVCs) in car manufacturing in Africa…”

17 March 2021 | Book Chapter | South Africa

Anthony Black, Chongsheng Yang. 2021. “China increasingly dominates global manufacturing and South Africa, while the largest industrial…”

17 March 2021 | Book Chapter | South Africa

Black, Anthony. 2021. “Development largely depends on how given places participate in global economic processes. The…”

17 March 2021 | Books | South Africa

Carlos Villalobos, Carlos Chávez, Adolfo Uribe. 2021. “This work explores the consequences that different energy poverty definitions and measures might…”

5 March 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Chile

Marcelo Caffera, Carlos Chávez, Analía Ardente. 2021. “Using experiments in which participants play the role of polluting firms, we study compliance…”

4 March 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Chile

Jane Turpie, Grant Benn, Mark Thompson, Nigel Barker. 2021. “Rangeland conditions in the Lesotho highland dam catchment areas is important for local livelihoods…”

16 March 2021 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa