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Sterner, Thomas, Damon, Maria, Ostrom, Elinor, H Cole, Daniel. 2019. ““Grandfathering” grants preferential treatment to existing resource users over new entrants based on…”

27 February 2019 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Damon, Maria, Graff Zivin, Joshua, Thirumurthy, Harsha. 2015. “Abstract: Poverty and altered planning horizons brought on by the HIV/AIDS epidemic can change…”

18 February 2016 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden, Kenya

Damon, Maria, Mohlin, Kristina, Sterner, Thomas. 2013. “Discounting has the dubious distinction of being the most controversial issue in social cost-benefit…”

21 February 2013 | Book Chapter | Sweden

Sterner, Thomas, Damon, Maria, Köhlin, Gunnar, Visser, Martine. 2012. “Climate change represents a serious threat to the economic growth potential in low income countries…”

14 November 2012 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa, Sweden, Global Hub

Damon, Maria, Sterner, Thomas. 2012. “Twenty years ago, governments gathered for the United Nations Conference on Environment and…”

1 June 2012 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Damon, Maria, Graff Zivin, Joshua. 2012. “Effective environmental policymaking requires an understanding of how environmental goals interact…”

15 May 2012 | Peer Reviewed |

Damon, Maria, Sterner, Thomas. 2011. “Global climate change stands out from most environmental problems because it will span generations…”

24 February 2012 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden