Environmental Economics Unit (EEU)

The Environmental Economics Unit (EEU) at the University of Gothenburg is the Swedish node in the EfD network. The Environmental Economics Unit was the original initiator of the EfD. Many members of the EfD have trained in Gothenburg and/or spent time here as researchers. The EEU has a large group of researchers who are strongly engaged in supporting the EfD centers and the EfD Secretariat.

The Environmental Economics Unit  (EEU) is a research and teaching unit within the University of Gothenburg. The unit has about two dozen researchers including graduate students and associates working on various projects related to natural resources and environmental economics.

EEU offers a number of courses and programs from undergraduate to PhD level. At the undergraduate level we have courses in environmental economics as well as a dedicated program SMIL. At the PhD level, we have a number of students following the regular PhD program in economics with a specialization in environmental economics. We also have a specialized PhD in Environmental Economics and Management. We have trained a large number (almost 50) of PhDs from developing countries funded by Sida, that today play an important part in training others and doing both research and policy advice within the EfD network.

EEU specializes in environmental economics research and training. The research is focused on a number of topics, climate, chemicals, biodiversity, fisheries and other natural resource management in both OECD and developing countries. Methodologically we have several specializations including research on environmental preferences and on the choice and design of environmental policy instruments.

For more details of current research projects and publications, see our page at the University of Gothenburg and individual researcher pages.


Contact information

EEU School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Vasagatan 1
P.O. Box 640
+46-31-786 1000