Social capital and subjective well-being: a study of the role of participation in social organizations in life satisfaction and happiness in Chilean cities

Peer Reviewed
1 April 2020

Jorge Aedo, Estefany Oñate, Marcela Jaime, César Salazar

The concept of welfare has evolved to incorporate subjective elements. One key factor for development is social capital. Participation in organizations promotes a more active social life, with potential positive results on welfare. This work investigates this last association through the estimation of a bivariate ordered probit model by using the World Value Survey for Chile.

Publication reference
Aedo, J., Oñate, E., Jaime, M., y C. Salazar (2020). Capital social y bienestar subjetivo: un estudio del rol de la participación en organizaciones sociales en la satisfacción con la vida y felicidad en ciudades chilenas. Revista de Análisis Económico 35(1):55-74.

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Publication | 8 May 2020