Economic Value of the Cape’s Beautiful Coast: A Study of the ‘Amenity’ Value of the Kogelberg, in South Africa

Research Brief
1 January 2015

The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve is a 100 km long coastal stretch of towering mountains and craggy beaches about an hour’s drive east of Cape Town. The dramatic landscape, rare botanical diversity and ocean ‘playground’ are big drawcards for tourists, and contribute to property values. A recent study of the ‘amenity’ value of this stretch of coastline shows that many local visitors regard it as more desirable to visit than other stretches of South African coastline, and many are return visitors. Homeowners are willing to pay a premium for properties with sea views or access. However, people said crime would drive them away. They were also concerned about beach litter, more coastal development, fishing management, and law enforcement relating to tourist activities.  

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Publication | 15 December 2015