Consumer preference for eco-labelled aquaculture products in Vietnam

Peer Reviewed
31 January 2021

Bui Bich Xuan

Product labelling with eco-certifications is market-based incentive tool for sustainable aquaculture, thus mitigating negative environmental impacts. The aims of this study are to investigate: i) whether consumers prefer eco-labelled (eco-certified) shrimps over conventional (non-certified) shrimp; and ii) whether consumers prefer specific eco-label (eco-certification logo) over others. The study used a discrete choice experiment method and the structured interviews with 353 consumers in Khanh Hoa province and Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The results show that a majority of consumers prefer shrimp product. They place higher value on eco-labelled shrimps compared to conventional shrimp. Despite the heterogeneity in preference for eco-labelled shrimp products, highest premium is recorded for farmed shrimp labelled with ASC logo-a third-party certification. Meanwhile, the shrimp labelled with VietG.A.P logo, Vietnamese government certification, has lowest premium. Consumers, who believe that the contribution of individual actions is significant for better aquaculture practices, are willing to pay more for eco-labbelled shrimps. The findings provide scientific evidences on how consumer participation is supporting the transition to sustainable aquaculture in Vietnam. Policy implications for policymakers in terms of sustainable aquaculture development in Vietnam and for marketers designing the effective marketing strategies in the retail food sector are also discussed.

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Xuan, B. B. (2021). Consumer preference for eco-labelled aquaculture products in Vietnam. Aquaculture, 532, 736111. doi:10.1016/j.aquaculture.2020.736111
Publication | 16 March 2021