Our vision is tTo support poverty alleviation and a sustainable development in the Gglobal Ssouth through increased use of Eenvironmental Eeconomics in the policy making processes.

Major areas of contribution

The main goal of EfD Tanzania (EfDT) is to be the leading center for environmental economics and a locus for interactions among researchers, civil servants and policy makers interested in policy oriented environmental research in Tanzania. So asThe aim is to contribute to effective management of the environment and increased equality in the Gglobal Ssouth.


The EfDT was established in 2007 and is hosted in the Department of Economics in the College of Social Sciences of the University of Dar es Salaam, the oldest university in Tanzania. The Department of Economics is one of the leading Eeconomics departments in the region, and offers both Undergraduate, Masters and PhD specialization courses in environment and economics. These are analogous to the collaborative courses under the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) programs in joint electives facility. EfDT is run by a secretariat and overseen by a policy board which is made up of representative from the policy making arena in Tanzania.