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Yonas Alem, Eyoual Demeke. 2020. “This paper contributes to the growing literature on energy poverty in developing countries. We use a…”

29 July 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Ethiopia, Global Hub

Xiao-Bing Zhang, Lunyu Xie, Xinyi Zhang, Xian Hu. 2020. “To alleviate environmental problems and accelerate households’ energy transition to cleaner fuel…”

5 June 2020 | EfD Discussion Paper | China

Pamela Jagger, Ipsita Das, Sudhanshu Handa, Leena A. Nylander-French, Karin B. Yeatts. 2019. “Cooking with solid fuels and inefficient cookstoves has adverse consequences for health, environment…”

29 June 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Montserrat Serrano-Medrado, Adrián Ghilardi, Omar Masera, , , . 2018. “This article presents an historical account of patterns of household fuelwood use in Mexico from…”

28 June 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Pamela Jagger, Ipsita Das. 2018. “This paper reviews the experience of a for-profit firm in Rwanda promoting biomass pellets and a fan…”

29 June 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Raúl Tauro, Montserrat Serrano-Medrano, Omar Masera. 2018. “Bioenergy is the largest renewable energy source in Mexico with an estimated 4–9% of total current…”

28 June 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Ipsita Das, Joseph Pedit, Sudhanshu Handa, Pamela Jagger. 2018. “Exposure to household air pollution (HAP) from cooking and heating with solid fuels is major risk…”

29 June 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Girardeau, Hannah, Pattanayak, Subhrendu K.. 2018. “The astounding scope of the global energy poverty challenge has motivated many organizations to…”

3 July 2018 | EfD Discussion Paper |

Erin O. Sills, Claudio de Sassi, Pamela Jagger, Kathleen Lawlor, Daniela A. Miteva, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, William D. Sunderlin. 2017. “Climate change mitigation in developing countries is increasingly expected to generate co-benefits…”

29 June 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Litzow, Erin, Thinley, Tshering. 2017. “Electrification, especially rural electrification (RE), is a core component of the Sustainable…”

12 December 2017 | EfD Discussion Paper |