New series of documents of discussion launched by REES-EfD Colombia

REES-EfD Colombia has launched a series of documents of discussion with the title “Discussions on Environment for Development”(in Spanish is "Discusiones sobre Ambiente para el Desarrollo"). In these discussion documents researchers will talk about current environmental problems at a local, regional, and global scale from an economic and interdisciplinary perspective. In this first edition researchers remark the importance of understanding the relation between natural and socio-economic systems for achieving sustainable development in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. For instance, researchers mention that the term “Anthropocene” used to call the present era, recognizes that the main changes in the global ecosystems are the result of human activity.


In this first edition researchers focus on three main points: first, the effects of preventive confinement on the natural system must be considered isolated events; second, environmental and socio-economic problems converge in places where vulnerable communities live; third, the progressive flexibility on confinement points at the question about how to activate the economies without causing a higher degradation on the environment.


The documents of discussion will be written in Spanish and will be published twice a year.  The interested reader may find the documents here.




News | 9 June 2020