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Lasway, Jovin Aveline , Selejio, Onesmo , Temba , George Raphael . 2020. “This paper examines the determinants of adoption of improved agricultural technologies among…”

17 March 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Tanzania

Jorge H Maldonado, Andrei Romero, Viviana Leon-Jurado. 2020.

18 December 2020 | Discussion Paper | Colombia

Marcela Eslava, Oscar Becerra, Juan-Camilo Cárdenas, Margarita Isaacs, Daniel Mejia. 2020. “Using Bogota’s system of socioeconomic division, the “strata”, we show that falling ill with a…”

18 December 2020 | Other Publications | Colombia

Carlos Chávez, Patricio Meller. 2020. “The book "The big mining region: Chile and Perú" will be presented on December 15th. More…”

9 December 2020 | Books | Chile

Anthony Black, Lawrence Edwards, Faizel Ismail, Brian Makundi, Mike Morris. 2020. “Regional integration is making steady progress in Africa and a key objective is to improve the…”

18 March 2021 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa

Dawit W. Mulatu, Amare Fentie, Juha Siikamäki. 2020. “Abstract An empirical assessment of relationships between land use and land cover and drinking water…”

14 December 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Ethiopia

Samson Mukanjari, Edwin Muchapondwa, Eyoual Demeke. 2020. “National park agencies in Africa often lack incentives to maximize revenue, despite the decline in…”

22 January 2021 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa

Lucian A. Msambichaka, John Kedi Mduma, Onesmo Selejio. 2020. “The motivation for movement struggle to end colonialism in Tanzania was to put in our own hands the…”

22 March 2021 | Books | Tanzania

Lucian A. Msambichaka, John Kedi Mduma, Onesmo Selejio. 2020. “The context of Tanzania is such that there is close link between achieving industrialization and…”

22 March 2021 | Book Chapter | Tanzania