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Jorge A. Bonilla, Alejandro López-Feldman , Paula Pereda, Nathaly M. Rivera, J. Cristóbal Ruiz-Tagle. 2021. “Abstract Ambient air pollution is a major problem in many countries of the developing world. This…”

2 September 2021 | Discussion Paper | Colombia, Chile

Simon A. Levin, Catherine Kling, Elke U. Weber, Brian Walker, Jeroen C.J.M. van den Bergh, Jason F. Shogren, Kathleen Segerson, Marten Scheffer, Stephen Polasky, Karine Nyborg, Nils Kautsky, John M. Anderies, Carl Folke, Joern Fischer, Paul Ehrlich, Anne-Sophie Crepin, Stephen R. Carpenter, Juan-Camilo Cárdenas, Elena M. Bennet, Scott Barrett, W. Neil Adger, James Wilen. 2021. “Abstract The increasing frequency of extreme events, exogenous and endogenous, poses challenges for…”

27 April 2021 | Discussion Paper | Colombia

Allison Benson, Jean-Paul Faguet, María del Pilar López-Uribe. 2021. “Abstract Collective action allows individuals to overcome market and state failures, something…”

17 March 2021 | Discussion Paper | Colombia

Anthony Black, Lawrence Edwards, Ruth Gorven, Willard Mapulanga. 2021. “Regional integration in Africa is underway but ongoing progress requires that the gains are widely…”

17 March 2021 | Discussion Paper | South Africa

Jorge H Maldonado, Andrei Romero, Viviana Leon-Jurado. 2020.

18 December 2020 | Discussion Paper | Colombia

César Salazar-Espinoza, Sam Jones. 2020. “Prior to 2009, there was no direct road connection between the southern regions of Mozambique—where…”

30 July 2018 | Discussion Paper | Chile

Thomas Sterner, Richard T. Carson, Marc Hafstead, Peter Howard, Sverker Carlsson Jagers, Gunnar Köhlin, Ian Parry, Ryan Rafaty, E. Somanatan, Jan Christoph Steckel, Dale Whittington, Francisco Alpizar, Stefan Ambec, Claudia Aravena, Jorge Bonilla, Reza Che Daniels, Jorge Garcia, Niklas Harring, Kanishka Kacker, Suzi Kerr, Haileselassie Medhin, Pham Khanh Nam, German Romero, Olof Johansson-Stenman, Mike Toman, Jintao Xu, Min Wang. 2020.

17 March 2021 | Discussion Paper | South Africa

Visser, Martine. 2020. “Pervasive threats of climate change and land degradation have compounded the low farm productivity…”

17 March 2021 | Discussion Paper | South Africa

Nguyen Tien Thong, Isaac Ankamah-Yeboah, Julia Bronnmann, Max Nielsen, Eva Roth, Birgit Schulze-Ehlers. 2020. “Evidence of market integration between farmed pangasius and wild-caught whitefish is provided in the…”

1 May 2020 | Discussion Paper | Vietnam