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2012-01-09 | Policy Brief

Improving forest management in Tanzania

Lokina, Razack, Elizabeth J Z Robinson, Heidi J. Albers and Guyslain Ngeleza. 2012. “Improving forest management in Tanzania.” EFD policy Brief
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Understanding patterns of access rights, investments, and enforcement

Over the past thirty years, a series of policies have aimed to address rural people’s dependence on forest resources while protecting those forests from deforestation and degradation. Social forestry projects, integrated conservation-development projects (ICDPs); participatory forest management (PFM), encompassing joint forest management (JFM) and community-based forest management (CBFM); ecotourism; and environmental service payment (ESP) programs, all aim to involve villagers in the protection of local forests and to enable villagers to capture some value from the protected forests.