Robinson, Elizabeth J Z

Professor Elizabeth Robinson is an environmental economist with over twenty five years’ experience undertaking research in lower-income countries, including six living and undertaking research in Tanzania and Ghana, and in the UK. Her research addresses the design of policies and institutions to reduce climate change emissions, protect the environment, improve the livelihoods of resource-dependent communities, and enhance agricultural systems. Her recent focus includes climate change and systemic risk; and tracking the co-benefits of climate change mitigation and health, oriented particularly around food security and food systems. She has a first class degree in Engineering, Economics, and Management from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in Applied Economics from Stanford University. Before joining the University of Reading she has variously worked at the Boston Consulting Group, the World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, Natural Resources Institute, and as a tutorial fellow in economics at the University of Oxford. She has over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.


Elizabeth has always been interested in policy-oriented research. From 2004-09 she was coordinating lead author for the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development, sub-Saharan Africa; and a Member of the global and sub-Saharan Africa design teams. She was on the UK Defra Economic Advisory Panel for five years; and in 2019-20, Specialist Advisor to the UK House of Lords Select Committee on Food, Poverty, Health, and Environment. She is an active participant of the Reading Climate Action Network; a regular contributor to local and national radio; frequently quoted in national newspapers such as The Guardian and The Financial Times; and has appeared on various TV channels including Al Jazeera’s Inside Story, the BBC News at Ten, and BBC World News.


Elizabeth has been working closely with colleagues in EfD Tanzania since 2004, and was privileged to be hosted by EfD China at Peking University for her sabbatical in 2015.


Curriculum vitae

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