Factors Affecting the Adoption of Climate Smart Agricultural Practices among Smallholder Farmers in Bungoma County, Kenya

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1 January 2019

While a better understanding of factors influencing adoption of Climate Smart Agricultural (CSA) practices is important in promoting successful climate change adaptation strategies, there is little information on the various practices adopted by smallholders. Accordingly, this study analyses the factors influencing adoption of CSA practices in Bungoma, County. The study adopted a descriptive research design. Theory of planned behaviour and technology acceptance theory guided this study. Multistage sampling, purposive sampling, systematic random sampling procedures were employed to select a sample size of 228 respondents was interviewed using structured questionnaire. Data collected was analysed using combination of descriptive statistics. The findings indicated that social factors (age and sex) were found to significantly relate to adoption of climate smart agriculture. Land size and income facilitate the adoption of CSA practices. Land ownership increases the likelihood of farmers adopting strategies that capture the returns from their investment. Most of the training that they have received has been mainly through workshops, field day and group training. The study recommends that more integration between extension partners should be considered. There is need for better land security to enable farmers adopt CSA. Policies and strategies should strengthen the existing agricultural extension service, supporting proven technologies such as soil fertility management, improved crop and livestock breed, agro forestry and water harvesting and management. Capacity enhancement is needed for climate smart agricultural practices including access to weather information adapted to farmers’ needs.

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Njuguna, J., Sulo, T., Ndambiri, H.K. (2019) Factors Affecting the Adoption of Climate Smart Agricultural Practices among Smallholder Farmers in Bungoma County, Kenya. Humanities and Social studies

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Publication | 12 March 2020