Biomass Fuel Consumption and Dung Use as Manure: Evidence from Rural Households in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia

EfD Discussion Paper
1 January 2008

Fertilizer use (including dung) in Ethiopia is low, particularly in the northern highlands, where dung is a significant source of household fuel.


This study examined the determinants of (1) rural households’ decision to use dung as fuel and as manure, and (2) consumption of woody biomass and dung as household fuel sources. Using dung as fuel and manure was influenced by household assets and characteristics, type of stove, and distance to towns, suggesting the important role of asset, product, and labor market imperfections. The study found indications that woody biomass and dung were complements as household fuel, suggesting the need to focus on asset-poor households to increase use of manure, more efficient stoves, and other energy sources.

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Publication | 9 April 2008