EEPFE's Center Director appointed as member of the Sustainable Land Management – Technical Committee of Ethiopia

EfD Ethiopia Center Director and Senior Research Fellow, Alemu Mekonnen(Ph.D), has been invited to be a member of the Sustainable Land Management Technical Committee (SLM TC) of the country. He participated on the SLM TC meeting on Wednesday, 15th October 2014 beginning 09:00 am at the MoA premises, to discuss on the logical framework for SLMP and to approve the final draft of the Harmonized Logframe for SLMP.

A previous draft of the logframe was presented at the last SLM TC meeting in June. Following the meeting intensive consultations took place to confirm that all stakeholders in the MoA and Development Partners agree with the results of the framework. Changes were made in the process to integrate the interests of all stakeholders. EfD Ethiopia has been involved in a number of studies and has organized various workshops on Sustainable Land Management in Ethiopia. Currently, the SLM project is in its second phase - Adaptation to Climate Change in Ethiopia: The potential role of sustainable land management practices. The Specific objectives of the project are to:-

  • Analyze factors motivating the adoption of a combination of SLM strategies
  • Evaluate the implications of various combination strategies on productivity and farm income in smallholder farming system
  • Identify a combination of SLM strategies that provide the best payoff while mitigating environmental stresses.

This project is expected to contribute to sustainability and poverty reduction agenda as SLM practices can enable farmers to become resilient to climate change by improving ecosystem services and functions, increasing agricultural productivity and enhancing food security. This platform is expected to be a good opportunity to disseminate research outputs of EfD Ethiopia as Research Fellows of the Forum are working on SLM and adaptation issues in Agriculture in Ethiopia.

News | 16 October 2014