First publication in EfD book series

The Emergence of Land Markets in Africa is the first publication in the new Environment for Development (EfD) book series.

EfD books focus on research and applications in environmental and natural resource economics as they are relevant to poverty reduction and environmental problems in developing countries.

The Emergence of Land Markets in Africa, edited by Stein T. Holden, Keijiro Otsuka, and Frank M. Place, is the first systematic attempt to address emerging land markets and their implications for poverty, equity, and efficiency across a number of African countries. Read more about the book (book announcement in pdf).

Professor Stein Holden will introduce the book during a series of seminars at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. The seminars follow up the World Development Report 2008 - Agriculture for Development, and are held May 22-23 2008 in Stockhom, Sweden.   The Emergence of Land Markets in Africa is planned for publication in September, 2008. To receive further information about the book, including prepublication discounts, please send an email to RFF Press, at

News | 21 May 2008