TEEBAgriFood methodology: an overview of evaluation and valuation methods and tools.

Book Chapter

Gundimeda, H., Markandya, A. and Bassi, A.M.

Chapter 7 presents an overview of available evaluation and valuation methods and tools relevant to the analysis of dependence and impacts of various agricultural and food systems on human wellbeing. The market and non-market valuation tools and methods address to varying degrees the positive and negative externalities along the value chain of eco-agri-food systems. However, challenges emerge from the complexity of the systems, stemming from the temporal and spatial dimensions and management practices and value attribution across multiple ecosystem services. As decision making requires integration of economic values with other social and economic dimensions, the chapter presents an integrated systems approach, which helps in incorporating various dimensions together to evaluate the impact of various policies on the human wellbeing.


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Publication | 12 May 2020