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2009-10-14 | Policy Brief

Sustainable Development Innovation Brief #7

Kassie, Menale and Precious Zikhali. 2009. “Sustainable Development Innovation Brief #7.” Policy Brief
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"The contribution of sustainable agriculture and land management to sustainable development" - This brief discusses the potential for sustainable agriculture to contribute towards sustainable development with a particular focus on developing countries. It briefly describes different sustainable agricultural practices and the extent of their adoption, identifies constraints to their further adoption, and presents some actions and policy options that could accelerate the widespread adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.

This brief was written by Menale Kassie and Precious Zikhali, from the Environment for Development Initiative. This brief was prepared for the UN Expert Group Meeting on “Sustainable Land Management & Agricultural Practices in Africa: Bridging the Gap Between Research & Farmers”, organized in Gothenburg, Sweden, on April 16 - 17, 2009.