Sectorial Analysis and findings: Agriculture

Book Chapter

The chapter explores the links between ecosystem services (ES) and agricultural productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

Where feasible, the discussion presents, in economic terms, the contribution of ES to agriculture, the social and agricultural costs of poor management of ES, and the opportunities that harnessing these services present to farmers and to society. Both cropping and animal production systems are covered, as are actors from smallholders to large agribusinesses.

The chapter is part of the UNDP Initiative Latin America and the Caribbean: A biodiversity super power.


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Bann, C., Seild, A., Chacon, A., Arriagada, A. Agricultural Chapter in Bovarnick, A., F. Alpizar, C. Schnell, Editors. The Importance of Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Economic Growth and Equity in Latin America and the Caribbean: An econom
Publication | 22 January 2010