Policy SEA: lessons from development co-operation

Peer Reviewed
1 January 2012

This professional practice report reflects upon lessons learned from piloting and evaluating an innovative approach to policy strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in developing countries. The primary analytical focuses of the approach are institutions and governance characteristics, plus it places strong emphasis on learning. The piloting provides valuable insights about the conduct of SEA at the policy level and in socio-political where there is limited experience with SEA. From our observations we reflect upon the importance of appropriate ownership of an SEA; the practical implications of working in contested political environments; the challenges in using SEA as a tool to promote good governance; and the centrality of a long-term perspective to environmental and social mainstreaming.


Coauthored also by:

David Annandale, Integra Consulting Services, Prague and Lunenburg , Nova Scotia , Canada

Matthew Cashmore, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia , Norwich , NR4 7TJ , UK

Rob Veerhem, Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment , NL 3500 GH , Utrecht , The Netherlands



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Publication | 6 June 2012