The Effect of Organizational Characteristics on the Technical Fishing Efficiency within a Collective Quota (CQ) System

Thesis MSC
1 January 2015

This research examines empirically the initial impact of artisanal organizations’ characteristics on the technical efficiency of Chile’s common sardine and anchovy artisanal fishery fleet operating in a collective quota (CQ) system.

This regulatory system began in 2005 when it substituted a global catch quota (GCQ) system with closed access. The collective quotas were distributed to unions and organizations of artisanal fishermen, and a fraction of the GCQ remain as a common quota for vessel’s owners who decided do not join any organization. A stochastic frontier production function was estimated during the first year of operation of the system, using an unbalanced panel with one-day vessel landing as the dependent variable. The results suggest that organizations’ characteristics do not explain a large proportion of the technical inefficiency under the CQ system.

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Publication | 11 May 2015