Workshop shed light on on tobacco control policy in Tanzania

Legislation aimed at reducing smoking and tobacco leaf production will curb the adverse health and welfare effects of cigarettes and tobacco consumption. This was stated by EfD Tanzania researchers at a workshop about economic effects of cigarette and tobacco production that brought together researchers, government officers, journalists and faith based organizations.

The EfD researchers Professor Asmeron Kidane and Dr. Aloyce Hepelwa are among the authors of a report titled ”Health care costs attributable to smoking induced cardiovascular disease in Tanzania”. The report was presented at a half day dissemination workshop organized by the EfD Tanzania and the Department of Economics University of Dar es Salaam as part of comprehensive study on tobacco control policy analysis and intervention evaluation in China and Tanzania.  

The workshop received attention in several Tanzanian news media. For example, the Daily News reported that, according to Prof Asmeron Kidane, implementing the World health Organization  framework on tobacco control would help reduce the impact of cigarette and tobacco smoking on food poverty:

“The report hypothesizes that the majority of smokers belong to a low income group and that any expenditure on cigarette or tobacco is at the expense of basic necessities, especially food,” Prof Kidane said.

The workshop was held on 5th December 2014 at the University of Dar es Salaam. It brought together over thirty participants including activists, journalists, decision makers, researchers, government officers, faith based organizations and academicians.

Professor Asmeron Kidane, EfD Tanzania Research Associate and Dr. Aloyce Hepelwa, EfD Research Fellow were the key speakers in that workshop. Other EfD members participated were Dr. Stephen Kirama, Dr. John Mduma, Onesmo Selejio and Salvatory Macha. In this workshop, printed EfD discussion papers and annual reports were distributed.

Five papers which are now under review were presented. The titles are:

  1. Background information on the status of cigarette smoking and tobacco leaf production in Tanzania
  2. The Demand for cigarette in Tanzania and its Impact on Tax Revenue
  3. Economic costs of smoking induce cardiovascular Diseases in Tanzania
  4. Impact of smoking on food Expenditure Among Tanzanian Households
  5. Comparative Efficiency in the production of Tobacco, maize, groundnuts and rice in Tanzania

Local newspapers on a cigarette tax, revenue and related diseases:

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News | 8 January 2015