NENRE researchers met representatives of the Ministry of Energy

In the framework of the development of their research strategy plan, researchers at NENRE participated in a meeting with the head of the Bio-Bio region office of the Ministry of Energy, MSc. Carola Venegas.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the main elements of the Chilean Energy Policy 2050, to present the research conducted by NENRE and the EfD network, identify main research gaps in the sector and to discuss venues of future collaboration. This meeting took place at the University of Concepción, on June 14th. One of the main topics of discussion was that of air pollution problems in urban areas due to wood combustion for heating. In this respect, the representative of the Ministry indicate that this is a priority area for the Ministry, highlighting the importance to conduct research that could inform the process of policy design towards a transition to more sustainable energy sources in the country.

News | 18 June 2016