Job Openings for Economists at Central Bank of Chile

The Economic Research Unit of the Central Bank of Chile is seeking to fill two positions at the senior economist (with PhD) level: one for a mid-career economist with a proven research track, while the other for a recent PhD graduate, including job market candidates graduating by Spring 2021. 

One of these two positions is meant for a candidate with an interests in economics of climate change and macroeconomics. Being Chile a country heavily exposed to the negative consequences of climate change, the Bank is interested in incorporating analysis of the economic repercussions and policy implications of climate change to guide the policy discussion. 

Both positions require someone with a strong interest in conducting high-quality research, but also in applying their work to inform policy decisions and provide advice to the Bank's Board. The CBC provides a lively and dynamic environment with many opportunities for career development and constant interaction with academia and policy makers from around the world through seminars, courses and workshops organized at the Bank. Publishing in top international journals is not only encouraged but also required, and financial support to travel and submit papers, as well as time from research assistants is provided. 

Finally, the Bank offers an internationally competitive salary and benefit package.

If you are interested in applying to one of the positions, please redirect the JOE opening here. Any questions or inquiries can be made at Application deadline is December 15, 2020.

News | 14 December 2020