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North-Karelia Biosphere Reserve: Pearls of coniferous forest, International conference

The North-Karelia biosphere reserve in conjunction with its partner network is organizing an international conference "Pearls of coniferous forest” in Finland 31.10.2012 - 2.11.2012. The three-day conference seeks local and regional solutions to reconcile between various human activities and nature.

We will work in six sessions: Forest ecosystems, Renewable energy and climate change, Nature and culture tourism, Green mining, Border area nature and Networks & collaboration. Border area issues will be exemplified through the border regions in general and the Green Belt of Fennoscandia, which consists of the bordering areas of Finland, Russia, and Norway.

The six themes will be explored through lectures and intensive workshops in reference to sustainable development, multi-disciplinary research and various collaborative actions and networks especially on regional level.
Biosphere Reserves will be one example of regional, collaborative approaches.

We expect to have 200+ professionals and international experts from various backgrounds and sustainable development sectors to join the conference. The conference is planned to serve development organizations, administration, scientists, citizens, border area officials and representatives of biosphere reserves.  Information on the conference can
be found at: