Edward Bbaale

EfD's Edward Bbaale in TV interview on need for new legislation

Edward Bbaale, EfD's Center director at Makerere University, Uganda, was interviewed on national TV i Uganda because of his important role in finding solutions to the environmental problems in the Masaka District.  

The city of Masaka has grown rapidly and the city's natural resources are been destroyed. There have been severe problems for instance with Lake Victoria flooding, causing losses of lives and property. 

The district's chairman Jude Mbabali who is also interviewed in this broadcast, calls out for amending the laws to help the district stop perpetrators. He hopes that he, along with his team of experts and local policy-makers can make the government make those needed changes. 

A policy dialogue meeting, organized by EfD at the Makere University was also featured in the news program. 

See the entire news broadcast here!

By: Petra Hansson

News | 30 September 2020