EfD researcher participates in FAO review of Fisheries Law in Chile

A member of the Chile EfD center was called as a national expert to integrate the FAO review of the Chilean Fisheries Law

The Chilean Government signed an agreement with the FAO to evaluate, technically, whether the present Chilean General Fisheries Law (CGFL) is consistent with international standards and practices for sustainability and governance, aspects that are sponsored by the FAO. The FAO consultancy team is composed by one international expert and two national experts. Jorge Dresdner, member of the Chilean EfD center has been nominated to integrate this team. The consultants must perform the review of the fisheries law in an eight month period. The review report should identify the principal gaps between the CGFL  and international instruments, conventions, and guidelines, and offer technical recommendations for eventual future reforms in the Chilean law.

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News | 12 December 2015