Thomas Sterner participates in climate concert

Event Information

19 August 2015 19:30–23:30
Posthusplatsen, Malmö

Thomas Sterner, together with some of Sweden 's most popular artists, researchers and entrepreneurs, is invited as a speaker at Stormvarning climate concert on August 19, Malmö, Sweden.

How do you think it will be to speak to a concert audience?
I believe I will need to formulate myself a lot shorter than I normally do.

What are your hopes and expectations of the event?
I'm completely open and expectant. It is fun to try new things and one should not believe that one evening itself has a huge impact. I get to talk only for a short while, but on the other hand, we reach out to many thousands of young people. That feels important and exciting.

What will be your main message to the audience?
I think many people expect some concrete tips such as "what you can do yourself." I might come with some of those, but then I will continue to say- that is not enough. One must engage politically, and effective policy instruments must be in place, such as carbon taxes.

Artists: Titiyo, Rebecka Törnqvist, Little Jinder, Magnus Carlson (Weeping Willows), Loney Dear, Isabella Lundgren, Bo Sundström (Bo Kaspers), Goran Kajfes, Nino Ramsby. 

Speakers: Thomas Sterner, professor of environmental economics , University of Gothenburg , Markku Rummukainen, professor of climatology, University of Lund, Soledad Piñero Misa, Director and founder of the social enterprise Retoy, and Carin Nilsson, researcher and research coordinator at the Centre for environment and climate studies, University of Lund.

Stormvarning is a non-profit, non-political organization whose purpose is to highlight the climate issue for the public, along with musicians, performers, artists, scientists, experts and communicators.

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Event | 6 August 2015