Special Issue on Energy Poverty in Energy Economics Journal

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6 July 2020 08:00–31 January 2021 06:59
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This call for papers for the journal Energy Economics seeks to attract studies that examine various aspects of energy poverty. Papers of interest include, but are not limited to, those that examine the:

  • Definitions of energy poverty and how to measure it
  • Effectiveness of energy poverty policies
  • Determinants of energy poverty beyond energy efficiency, income and energy prices
  • Role of renewable energy in alleviating energy poverty
  • Trade-offs between alleviating energy poverty and achieving climate change goals
  • Effects of energy poverty on socioeconomic outcomes
  • Macroeconomic dynamics of energy poverty
  • The relationship between energy poverty, poverty and inequality
  • Environmental consequences of energy poverty
  • Trends in energy poverty across developed and developing countries
  • Conceptual and methodological aspects of energy poverty
  • Multi-dimensional nature of energy poverty

Studies focused on countries other than European countries are particularly encouraged. They are particularly interested in studies that examine energy poverty in developing country settings and in warmer climates, in addition to the traditional ‘cold climate’ studies. They also encourage submissions that focus on the effectiveness of energy poverty policies around the world. The deadline for submissions is January 30th, 2021. For more information and to submit a manuscript, please click here

Event | 7 July 2020