Behavioral project on Climate Change

Martine Visser, Grant Smith and Kerri Brick have been involved in a Behavioral project on Climate Change as part of a joint initiative by IDEA42 (a Harvard Based Behavioral Economics group and RUBEN at UCT.

They have been asked by the Western Cape
Provincial Government to work on various interventions aimed at bringing
behavioral change amongst consumers. The pilot phase will be conducted over a
two year period and thereafter we hope to roll-out the intervention and do a
full-scale RCT. Our initial point of focus involves an advanced metering energy
savings project which will be coupled with various behavioral interventions
aimed at employees of WCPG. This is very exciting project since it involves
direct communication with the Premier’s office and we have already had a number
of joint meetings with staff from the premiers office, the Environmental
Department (Climate Change & Waste Management Teams) and Public Works. We
have recently also met with officials in the City of Cape Town to discuss the
extension of the project to include their employees also.

Story | 28 January 2013