Sida - EEU Environmental Economics Program Activity Report 2007-2009


This is the three-year activity report for the agreement
between Sida and the Environmental Economics Unit for
the period 2007 – 2009 in support of programs pertaining
to environmental economics activities.

The overall development objective for the program is to improve welfare among poor people in developing countries by preventing pollution and natural resource depletion, and to promote sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystems through the use of environmental economics tools.

To fulfill this objective the program consists of three main activities: (i) Doctoral studies in environmental economics, (ii) Joint environmental economics projects and post-doc training, and (iii) Environmental economics expert advice for Sida (External knowledge support).

The more specific project objectives for these activities are (i) to increase capacity for environmental economics analysis and applications at universities and institutions in developing countries; (ii) increased capacity for environmental economics research and analysis applied to real resource and environmental issues in developing countries; and (iii) enhanced integration of environmental concerns in Swedish development cooperation.

The report contains a wealth of information regarding the achievements of the program, starting with the capacity building program through graduate training. This is followed by the closely linked section on studies and post doc support. The environmental economics expert knowledge support provides valuable advice to Sida on a day-to-day basis, and, finally, the program is widely disseminated through a number of venues, supported by a dissemination component.

Publication | 8 June 2010