Global Poverty: Definition and Measurement Issues

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This series spans the globe presenting leading research in economics. International applications and examples of economic progress are invaluable in a troubled world with economic booms bursting like so many penny balloons.

Topics discussed include government and individual
strategy for dealing with the increasing post-retirement life
expectancy; emergent money and economic cycles; global poverty; modeling
the factors that determine the phenomenon of corruption in the
Mediterranean and Balkan region; examining the EU-27's international
migration distribution; debt in retirement; and corruption and

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Munir A. Hanjra, Tadele Ferede, A.Narayanamoorthy and Richard J., Culas, 2012, Global poverty: Definition and Measurement Issues, In: Tavidze A. (ed.), Progress in Economics Research, vol. 26, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, USA.

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Publication | 15 December 2012