Direct and Spillover Effects of a Social Information Campaign on Residential Water-Savings

Peer Reviewed
1 November 2018

Mónica M. Jaime Torres, Fredrik Carlsson

This paper investigates direct and spillover effects of a social information campaign aimed at encouraging residential water savings in Colombia. The campaign was organized as a randomized field experiment, consisting of monthly delivery of consumption reports, including normative messages, for one year. Results indicate that social information and appeals to norm-based behavior reduce water use by up to 6.8% in households directly targeted by the campaign. In addition, we find evidence of spillover effects: households that were not targeted by the campaign reduced water use by 5.8% in the first six months following the intervention.

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Jaime Torres, M. M., & Carlsson, F. (2018). Direct and spillover effects of a social information campaign on residential water-savings. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 92, 222–243. doi:10.1016/j.jeem.2018.08.005

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Publication | 25 September 2018