Chinese Economic Development and the Environment (Book Review)

Peer Reviewed
1 January 2010

In the past two decades, China has achieved impressive economic growth with an annual growth rate of about 10%. Meanwhile, the scale and seriousness of environmental problems are clearly evident, threatening China's future sustainable development. Managi and Kaneko's new book tackles a variety of important topics underlying the nexus of economic growth and environmental protection in China.

Though data are extremely limited in China, Managi and Kaneko model and measure productivity changes based on provincial data on economic performance, energy and environmental emissions from various Chinese statistical yearbooks, taking into account energy resources and environmental attributes that are central to the sustaining economies. This book is also very technical with various advanced quantitative techniques applied to empirical studies on economic and environmental efficiency, underlying driving forces and institutional factors to shed some light on the history and development of China's economic, energy and environmental policy. This book will be appealing to both academic scholars and policy-makers. Policy practitioners may skip most technical contexts to focus on the interesting discussion to better understand how successful market and environmental policies can contribute to efficiency by encouraging, rather than inhibiting, technological innovation.

Publication | 31 January 2011