Upcoming SETI workshop will be held at Duke University, May 9-11, 2017

We are very pleased to announce that the second meeting of the Sustainable Energy TransitionsInitiative (SETI) will take place May 9-11 at Duke University (Durham, NC).

We encourage submissionsof original research manuscripts (preferably) or, for work that is less far advanced, extended abstracts(~1,000 words), related to the current state of the global energy transition, including any of the specificsub-topics identified below. We are hoping to fund travel and accommodations for any researcherswhose papers are accepted, but priority will be given to scholars from low- and middle-income countriesin the event that funding sponsorship is insufficient to support all authors.
As with last year’s meeting, we are aiming to bring together leading experts working on this theme froma variety of disciplinary perspectives and organizations, but with a strong emphasis on environmentaleconomics and policy. The meeting will consist of a set of presentations and comments by selectedspeakers, smaller breakout and research planning sessions around specific topics, discussion of thesystematic review work conducted by the SETI research team during the past year, and sessions withpractitioners and policy-makers working on energy and development topics.
We particularly welcome manuscripts that address the following sub-topics: Consequences of energy poverty, defined as a lack of reliable access to electricity and other

modern fuels; Drivers of the energy transition in low- and middle-income contexts, including lessons from pastexperiences; Impacts of energy transitions at various scales (households, firms, and the regional and globalenvironment); Policy levers and solutions to speed the energy transition; and analysis of their effectiveness; and Notable gaps in research on energy transitions.
Participation will again be limited to provide an atmosphere conducive to developing new and excitingcollaborative research projects, and pre-registration for the event will be required. The event issponsored by the Sida-supported Environment for Development Initiative, the Duke UniversityHousehold Energy & Health Initiative, the Duke University Energy Initiative, and the Sanford School ofPublic Policy.  
Please submit papers/abstracts by January 31 here. We will notify those with accepted papersby February 20 to facilitate early travel planning. If you have any questions about the meeting, pleasecontact Hannah Girardeau at hannah.girardeau@duke.edu.


News | 26 January 2017