Jorge Dresdner from EfD Chile will participate in Workshop on Vulnerability to Climate Change of Chilean Salmoniculture

It is an interdisciplinary meeting  to elaborate a methodological proposal to evaluate the vulnerability to climate change of salmon farming in Southern Chile. 

The  objective is to create a vulnerability matrix for the salmon farming sector, simple, flexible and dynamic, accessible to all users and focused on facilitating the discussion and exchange of scientific information and basic knowledge on vulnerability and interaction between biophysical, socioeconomic  and governance. The aim is to identify key points to reduce vulnerability through participatory processes and generating a model that can be replicated and improved in other production systems in coastal environments.

The workshop will be on 14th September 2017 in Puerto Montt, Chile. Jorge Dresdner will present  “Socioeconomic components of the vulnerability, sensibility and adaptation capacity”.

News | 10 September 2017