EfDT Research Fellow Now in High Government Position in Tanzania

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania has appointed Prof. Adolf Mkenda, a fellow of the EfD, to serve as Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance in charge of policy.

Prof. Mkenda has now moved to the Ministry on a full time basis, although he nominally retains his position as an Associate Professor of Economics of the University of Dar es Salaam, which means that he can come back to the Department when his tour of duty comes to an end. Following this appointment, Prof. Mkenda has stepped down as the Head of Department of Economics and his position has been taken over by Dr. Jehovaness Aikaeli.

Prof. Mkenda's responsibility in the Ministry includes national budget, external finance, and policy, among others.

"I plan to maintain very close relationship with the university, the department and the EfD, and plan to continue to do some research along the way." said Prof. Mkenda.

Prof. Mkenda holds a PhD in resource and environmental economics from Gothenburg University and has worked as a Senior Research Fellow at EfD Tanzania besides his Associate Professor of Economics position at the Department of Economics in the University of Dar es Salaam.

EfD congratulates Prof. Adolf Mkenda on his new appointment and wishes him good luck in all his endeavors.

Profile page of Prof. Adolf Mkenda

News | 9 September 2013