EfD researchers comments on fuel subsidies in Ghana

"If you really care about poverty you should subsidise the things the poor need the most - and that is surely not petrol", says Professor Thomas Sterner commenting the current policy debate on fuel subsidies in Ghana, in the newspaper Ghana´s Business and Financial Times.
The comment builds on research in a number of different countries conducted by Professor Thomas Sterner to which Dr Robinson and Dr Akpalu are contributing. The research will result in a book.

Link to opinion article (pdf) in Ghana´s Business and Financial Times, Ghana, 2009

Dr Elizabeth Robinson (Fellow of Environment for Development Tanzania and a Ghanaian resident), Professor Thomas Sterner (Fellow of Environment for Development, Professor of Economics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and President of the European Association for Environmental and Resource Economics), and Dr Wisdom Akpalu (Fellow of Environment for Development and Assistant Professor of Economics at the State University of New York in the US), comment on the recent increase in fuel prices in an opinion article published in Ghanas´s Business and Financial Times 2009-07-06. Dr Robinson and Dr Akpalu are contributing to a book (edited by RFF Press) by Professor Sterner on the impact of fuel taxes on the poor.

News | 6 July 2009