The EfD Initiative welcomes Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah as Research Manager

The EfD Initiative welcomes Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah as Research Manager. Dr. Amuakwa is an economist with a strong background in environmental and natural resource economics, agricultural economics & development economics.

Dr. Amuakwa-Mensah is taking in the role to undertake duties of administrating the EfD research fund and in collaboration with the Research Committee review submitting research proposals, research deliverables and submissions for EfD discussion paper series by researchers in the network.

“I will coordinate with the managers at the various EfD centers to develop strategies and programs of work in response to developing institutional knowledge, and also monitor institutional needs and policy developments to mature and deliver national projects that support their country and/or region needs”

His main objective is oriented to guarantee that the research is relevant for the developing countries but also to make the results and resources available for policy makers in a way where they can easily understand them and apply that knowledge in the decision making process.

The EfD Initiative thrives on four pillars: Applied research, Policy Interaction, Institutional Development and Academic Training, the interaction between them creates greater impact in the developing world, which is EfD’s overall objective, and therefore the importance of the management of these pillars and in this case the Research pillar. Dr. Amuakwa understands the importance of working on good coordination with the other EfD pillars and he claims to be committed to this goal.

 Dr. Amuaka-Mensah developed leadership, quantitative, analytical, research and communication skills as a result of his involvement in several research projects funded by the World Bank, UNU-WIDER, Rockefeller, the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) in Ghana where he is from, and other experiences where he was involved in the evaluation of the social, economic and environmental impact of public policies, programs and projects.

We would like to thank our former Research Manager Dr. Yonas Alem for his dedication and great work. We are glad he is still part of the EfD Initiative and continuing to strengthen the network.

For more information on Dr. Amuakwa-Mensah visit his profile here:

News | 23 July 2019