EfD contributes to the Adaptation Finance Fellowship Programme (AFFP)

The Adaptation Finance Fellowship Programme (AFFP) of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). is a training program for emerging leaders from research, policy, and the private sector who aspire to be equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge on adaptation finance and become climate ambassadors in their respective home countries and beyond.

EfD’s collaboration is through EfD-CA centre Director Francisco Alpizar as member of the Advisory Committee by evaluating and selecting final candidates.

The program supports and promotes 18 exceptional individuals from developing and emerging countries who are active in climate adaptation finance, either in the academia, public or private sector. This interdisciplinary exchange contributes to building leadership in adaptation finance across sectors for enhanced knowledge and sharing good practices in adaptation finance.

This project will support three strategic goals:

Firstly, it will illustrate to policy makers how public finance and risk mitigation instruments can remove the barriers to private sector investment.

Secondly, it will enhance business fellows’ understanding of specific types of climate change investment opportunities and risk profiles associated with these interventions.

Finally, it will support emerging academics to undertake research on adaptation finance such as how public policies can help remove the barriers to private sector investment in adaptation and what metrics and methodologies can be used across a wide range of adaptation projects.

To implement these goals, within the next four years the project will bring together a total of 36 promising individuals already with first experience in the climate change field and the potential to be leaders in their domains. The Fellows will be split into two cohorts, each with a duration of 18 months. During this time, they will receive extensive training, network opportunities with their peers, and get involved into an adaptation finance research project.

 The fellowship programme is funded by IDRC and implemented by Frankfurt School and Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI).

To know more details on the programme and how to apply see: Fellowships

Source: Frankfurt School of Finance and Management


News | 17 January 2017